Ship Assistance


We carry out all Customs formalities required under current laws. We provide:
  • submission and presentation of the arrival and departure manifests in electronic form;
  • issuing of the ENS where required;
  • the presentation of the cash declaration where required;
  • amendments to eventual erroneous declarations;
  • formalities for loading and discharging provisions, spare and stores;
  • assistance to disembarking/embarking crew and passengers.

Coast guard

Our company provides all the necessary assistance within the various offices of the Coast Guard  so that ships can enter the port and depart without delay. The formalities begin from the moment when the ship departs from the port of origin . The main stages of assistance are three:

  • pre-arrival
  • arrival
  • departure

In addition , we provide to give full assistance in the case of spot or PSC inspections and/or renewals of ship certificates.